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Which Industries can Mobile Marketing Benefit?

You’d be surprised about how many businesses could benefit from going mobile.

Use our powerful text marketing platform to keep your customers coming back and spending more. Announce sales and new products, distribute mobile coupons and turn slow days into busy days.

Dispense with repetitive tasks by offering personalised messages, date reminders, tips for interview day, recruitment trend news, instant notifications of interviews.

Keep in touch with your members. Send them newsletters and reminders resulting in increased attendance. Promote future events to your list and sell out before you even advertise!

Be in control and run your own promotions by building a list of subscribers you can text offers to. 20% off, 2 for 1 specials, free bottle of house wine.  The choice is yours and its all configurable from your online portal.

Keep in touch with parents and inform them of key events, future trips, sports days and absentees. Notify students about changes to schedule or college closures.

Let customers know their MOT or service is due automatically by SMS or email, increasing your business, lowering your overheads and keeping your customers happy.

Send out appointment reminders and drastically cut down on no-shows saving you time and money. Build up an army of followers you can send promotions to and grow your business.

Make attendance grow with the power of text messages. Let your congregation know about important events and announcements.

Send booking confirmations straight to your guests phones or inbox. Contact them about special offers and promotions and track their response giving you valuable feedback.

Every missed appointment means lost revenue and wasted time. Send out text message appointment reminders and eliminate “Did Not Attends”. No more wasting time, calling patients – its all automated!

Collect valuable leads and generate a database of home buyers to contact about new properties. Create and email informative newsletters.

Let customers know when a product is in stock or has been shipped. SMS is the most likely form of communication to be read and keeps your customers up to date.

How Can TextHero help you?

In more ways than you think…

We’re passionate about mobile marketing and we love to help SME’s and organisations use it effectively.

TextHero’s automated communications platform is the industry’s most complete mobile messaging and marketing solution. Send the right messages to the right people at the right time — all automatically.

With today’s sophisticated digital lifestyle, you need to reach your audience in the way they most prefer, whether it’s through mobile, email, social network or even voice messaging.

But why stop with one when you can broaden your reach with more channels?


TextHero’s multi-channel strategy takes you far beyond just email or mobile text marketing alone at one great price because your biggest marketing asset is your audience, and you don’t want to leave anyone out.

With various ways to subscribe, your customers are more likely to sign up. Though some customers may not opt in to ALL channels, having them subscribe to one or two additional channels already doubles or triples their response rate.

Once they’ve signed up, you can orchestrate a coordinated campaign to inform 100% of your audience about upcoming sales and promotional offers.

TextHero Automated Marketing Tools

Multi Channel Marketing to help your business succeed!

Text messaging has proved to be the most effective form of marketing, with an amazing 98 percent open rate and high response rates as well. And in this age of information saturation, TextHero’s personalised and targeted messaging yields more responses than text blasting and builds your brand image too. From short-code mass texting to two-way landline texting, TextHero offers a powerful array of automated SMS engagement tools and much more.

New web technologies pop up all the time, but one channel has stood the test of time – email. With TextHero’s All-In-One-Marketing solution, you get a comprehensive set of tools to run a successful email marketing campaign as well as the option to integrate mobile text, chat, voice, or social channels to get even more bang for your marketing buck.

Social media has integrated itself into the busy, everyday lives of consumers. Businesses now have a unique voice with their audiences and kick-start the strongest form of marketing: word-of-mouth. With an audience of millions, you can build your online presence and strengthen brand credibility.

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